Pontum now has a new module – a filling machine for bottles and cans! It is a system that makes it possible to fill both cans and bottles with one machine. With only one hour of estimated changeover time and advantages like counter pressure filling, it is a flexible and great addition to any brewery filling both cans and bottles.

The machine can be made and delivered to fill only cans, or both cans and bottles depending on what you would like. The whole process results in very low DO-levels in the beer. This is the result of applying the lids directly after filling.

Some of the Canning module filler FK 1-6 advantages:

  • on wheels
  • modular unit
  • it applies lids directly after filling
  • counter pressure filling
  • works as a 2-head filling machine or 6-head filling machine
  • can be an addition to already existing machines
  • you can have the same filling machine for bottles and cans

same filling machine