Standard service

Included in standard service: we are available for counsel during office hours and can provide most spare parts within a few days. Either from our stock or from our sub-suppliers directly in your country.


We can also offer different levels of optional service contracts and different levels of spare part kits.

Example of our Full Service and Maintenance agreement:

Full Service and Maintenance agreement

  • Extended telephone support 
  • Online program support
  • Function test/check capping heads, tolerances and measurements
  • One visit per year
  • Change of hoses, gaskets and O-rings
  • Function test/check linear guides
  • Function test/check adjustments bottle sizes
  • Updates of programs
  • Function test/check filling tubes
  • Function test/check conveyors
  • Inspection protocol
  • Function test/check cap sorting
  • Repairs and spare parts included during the agreement period
  • Yearly status assessment
  • Function test/check and adjustments sensors
spare parts kit
check of cap's measurements