Solve your clogged up flowmeters problem – upgrade to contactless inductive flowmeters!

Today’s popular unfiltered hazy beers have caused some brewers challenges while filling: turbine flowmeters may get clogged up by particles bigger than 0,5mm, such as hops’ residues.

After numerous tests with different types of contactless flowmeters, we have found a solution that goes well with our filler.

The inductive flowmeters do not have any moving parts limiting the flow and have a greater diameter of the passageway which benefits handling of ‘difficult’ beers.

The upgrade includes:

  • 6 inductive flowmeters
  • new incoming beer manifold (connection of your choice)
  • pneumatic degassing solution to vent the hoses
  • necessary fittings and hoses
  • installation by Pontum’s technician
  • software update for the inductive flowmeters
  • We recommend booking the upgrade together with a service visit for your line.