Measure dissolved oxygen with Pontum!

New Service

Pontum is now offering a new service for brewers around the world – measuring the halts of dissolved oxygen in beer. The measuring of dissolved oxygen is a simple process that is very important in brewing beer and can bring important insights and help to brewers.

Why measure dissolved oxygen?

The measuring of dissolved oxygen helps brewers understand the quality of their beer. Too high halts of oxygen can result in a damage to the flavour profile of the beer, and also has a huge negative impact on shelf life. It is done to make sure your beer has great taste and to maximize shelf life.

How is it done and how much does it cost?

We measure the dissolved oxygen with the help of a tool called the OXI. It is a simple process that gives exact results. This is done at your brewery, just before you package the beer. The measuring of dissolved oxygen only takes a few hours and costs about 600 kr/ hour.

How high should the DO halts be?

This can of course vary from one brewery to another, but should not be higher than 500 ppb, ideally less than 100 ppb. Having this low halts of dissolved oxygen greatly extends the shelf life of your beer.

What can be done to lower the halts of DO in beer?

Careful packaging and handling of the beer is the most important thing in controlling how high DO-halts you have. The measuring in DO is important to know what kind of actions you need to take to optimize your beer, so it is perfect both for brewing and for drinking.