Get a grolsch beer bottling machine! Now even more flexible, Pontum has a version of it’s FK 1-6 machine that is made to fill bottles with Swing tops (also called Grolsch caps). The Swing top adaption is a complement that can you can add to machines made to fill other kinds of bottles. This makes it easy for brewers to choose and vary between different kinds of caps.

Our beer filling equipment is constantly developing and extending its range. Recently we delivered one of our Pontum FK 1-6 lines to Qvänum Mat & Malt. Qvänum is a brewery that focuses on producing their beer in an artisanal and sustainable way. They fill beer into bottles with Swing tops.

The machine delivered to Qvänum was made specifically to only fill beer bottles with Swing tops, but the machine is adaptable and can be made to fill both beer bottles with standard crown caps or Swing tops. We can also install the complement to already existing machines. Read more about its advantages and contact us for more information about our grolsch beer bottling.

Swing top filler FK 1-6

  • we can adapt it to fill both standard crown caps and swing top bottles
  • modular unit
  • works as a 2-head filling machine or 6-head filling machine
  • possible to add to already existing machines